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  • Shawn Fisher & The Jukebox Gypsies

    In March 2008, Shawn Fisher formed a band called The Jukebox Gypsies. The current members are Casey King and Robbie Vanasvol on guitar, Brad Moxey on drums and Scraggle on bass. Fisher was already doing solo gigs but the call to form a band really took over and Shawn Fisher & The Jukebox Gypsies have been a hard working machine from the start. Shawn signed a publishing deal with EMI on Valentines Day 2009 and with Universal Records in the summer of 2009. They collaborated with producer John Fields (Switchfoot, Jonas Bros, Andrewwk) in November of 2009 on a 5 song EP to be released in spirng 2009. The first single "Open Your Eyes" will be taking over radio in 2010 and will be available February 2nd on iTunes. The band plans become the "roaddogs" of 2010 by doing nothing but touring and bringing there music to the world.

    DJ MSTR FLAiR Interview with Shawn Fisher

    DJ Extreme Angel's Backstage Photos

    More Shawn Fisher Live Photos

    More About Shawn Fisher & The Jukebox Gypsies




  • Down South Rockers

    The Down South Rockers Sgt Narly, Tim Rossi, Kevin "bam bam" Wheatley, and David O'Keefe are four piece band based in Southwest Florida. Former members of The Jimmie Van Zant Band, Blind Gypsy & Bounty Hunter, this band commands every stage they appear on. These are four top-notch veteran musicians who simply put "Nail It" when they play and put on a show like you'd never expect! Individually they have toured nationally, played concerts, nightclub venues, recorded albums, & opened for many national acts. The band covers both southern and classic rock. Bishop's interview below came about following the passing of Lynyrd Skynyrd keyboardist Billy Powell, the original Free Birder.

    More About Down South Rockers

    Bishop Interview with lead vocalist Dave

    Bishop Interview with drummer Kevin

    Bishop Interview with bassist Sgt Narley

  • The Backsliders

    Formed in 2005, The Backsliders is a Dallas blues based rock and roll band featuring Kim Pendleton on vocals, Chris Bonner on guitar, Jason Bonner on bass and Nathan Adamson on drums. They recieved the 2007 Best Blues Award from the Dallas Observer.

    More About The Backsliders

    Interviews by BeachGlass:

    BeachGlass Interview with The Backsliders

  • Society Red

    Society Red is a Jacksonville, FL based alternative rock band comprised of former members of Puddle of Mudd, Shinedown, and Burn Season. Watch for them to explode as they crank out more songs and develop their fan base.

    More About Society Red

    Interviews by Mstr FLAiR:

    Live On the Air Society Red Interview

  • Staind

    RockXStream is pleased to present Staind as a featured band. Formed in 1995, this Springfield, Massachusetts based alternative metal band has sold over 15 million albums the past 9 years. Their 6th album, Illusion of Progress was released this summer and Believe, their hot single from that album, is currently #3 on Billboard's Hot Modern Rock chart, #5 on the Hot Mainstream Rock and has been on both charts for 9 weeks. Listen to RockXStream and find out how you can win a RockXStream exclusive Staind CD personally autographed by the band.

    More About Staind

    Interviews by DragnThndr:

    DragnThndr Interview with Staind drummer John W

  • Buckcherry

    The Grammy-nominated group Buckcherry is one of the most requested artists on RockXStream radio. Since they are such a huge fan favorite, we are pleased to be able to feature them here for our dedicated fans. The exclusive RockXStream interview with lead singer Josh Todd will be posted on September 16, 2008 to coincide with the release of their new CD Black Butterfly. Stay tuned for more info and upcoming news on how to win a Black Butterfly CD in the RockXStream September Black Butterfly Metamorphosis!

    More About Buckcherry

    Interviews by BeachGlass:

    BeachGlass Interview with Josh Todd

  • Harper

    Harper is RockXStream's first featured blues artist. Described as "a singer with the deep soul of Motown, a harmonica player who can graft Sonny Boy II and Little Walter with John Popper, a songwriter who tells his own compelling stories in an unhurried, J.J. Cale-like manner, and a musical visionary who is unafraid to mix the didgeridoo, an important part of his Australian indigenous culture, with infectious modern percussive rhythms". Harper released 6 CDs in his native Australia before coming to the U.S. His first U.S. release was Down To The Rhythm in 2005. His latest release, Day To Day, is highlighted on the featured band webpage below.

    More About Harper

    Interviews by DragnThndr:

    Interview #1: Introduction

    Interview #2: Living In The USA

    Interview #3: The Blues & Early Influences

    Interview #4: Harper's Style

    Interview #5: Live Performances, Freddie King, Led Zeppelin & Walter Trout

    Interview #6: On The Road - Food & Best Truck Stop Buys

    Interview #7: What's On My IPOD

    Interview #8: Find Out More About Harper

    Purchase Harper CDs Here

  • Art Of Dying

    Art of Dying is a Vancouver-based hard rock-post grunge band. Their self titled debut CD was released in the UK in 2006 on thier own label Thorny Bleeder Records. The debut album was released on iTunes in 2007 where it can be purchased.

    More About Art of Dying

    Interviews by BeachGlass:

    AOD Interview #1

    AOD Interview #2

    More Bands

  • Rambler

    Check this out:

    The Rambler Gang

  • Silverstone

    Check out this Fayetteville, Arkansas based rock band.

    More About Silverstone

  • Still Standing

    Founded by identical twin brothers Justin and Johnny, this band grew out of the Philadelphia punk rock scene.

    More About Still Standing

  • Dave Yaden

    Our first featured folk rock artist, Dave Yaden fills in a new genre for us. He is not only a great performer, but also a producer, a songwriter and an author.

    More About Dave Yaden

  • Ghost Riders

    Do you like Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Sizzlin' Southern Rock? Then check out this RockXStream featured band.

    More About The Ghost Riders

  • The Exies

    The Exies are a West Coast alternative rock band from LA. Their two Virgin Records releases, Inertia (2003) and Head for the Door (2004), have sold over 400,000 copies combined.

    More About The Exies

  • Gravity Burn

    Gravity Burn was formed in Atlanta, GA in late 2006. They have been signed by Renaissance Records and their first CD, Weight and Sea will be released soon. Check the link below for more info and be sure to pre-order their new CD.

    More About Gravity Burn

  • Black Angel

    A California based rock band with Rolling Stone roots

    More About Black Angel

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