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The Chick Next Door

All Rock, All Decades, Blues, Country and Jazz -- I'll Do Anything For You

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SN: TheChickNextDoor

Music is what feelings sound like, it invigorates the soul with the essence of a beauty we cannot see. It is expression in its purist form. Whenever I am a bit down, music is the Rx to lift my spirits; when ever I want passion, music is the pre-amp; and if I want to get in a party mood, play me the right songs and I will party with you all night long. Music is the only means where we can feel the universality of emotions. I love all forms of music from alternative country to hip hop, from classic rock to fusion jazz, from blues to classical, and I will play it all for you. I am here to share my music and to make your day a little better. As you listen to me, you may think that I am a bit loquacious, but I so enjoy expressing my thoughts, opinions and feelings with you. Many of my friends will be dropping in here on occasion, so come join us as I mix people and songs for fun and pleasure.


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